New Homeowner Checklist: 10 Ways to Save Money

houseIf you just became a new homeowner, there is no better time than now to find all the ways you can help save money on your home. Listed below are 10 ways you can make that happen. Do it now and you'll thank yourself later.

1. Check all the air vents in your home to make sure they are clean of dust and debris. Also, leaving any of your vents blocked by obstructions causes your heating and cooling systems to over-work.

2. Check your air filter, especially if it is not a brand new house. It is very likely that this needs to be changed.

3. Check all the plumbing for leaks and drips. Over time, these leaks add up and cost you money whether it's on your utility bill or due to damage from mold growth.

4. If there's not already one, install a programmable thermostat. It gives you control of how much energy you're using even when you're not home. It's always best to settle for a more natural temperature setting when away from home or during sleep. This way, your heating and air conditioning aren't going to waste but are still keeping you comfortable in your presence.

5. Do you have an attic? If so, check for insulation. Most heat is lost through here and it's really important to make sure you have the appropriate amount of insulation in good condition based on the size and location of your house.

6. Keep your hot water heater at 120 degrees. It's the ideal temperature to keep water hot enough without overworking your water heater. Also, if your house came with an older water heater, it would be a good idea to invest in a water heater blanket. You can toss it right over the heater to insulate it.

7. Install ceiling fans in as many rooms as you can. This allows you to take the pressure off your thermostat a bit in both summer and winter. Make sure your fans are set to rotate in the appropriate direction based on the season (fans should blow down in the summer and up in the winter).

8. Change out the light bulbs. LED bulbs last longer and use less energy than typical incandescent bulbs.

9. If possible, opt for energy-efficient appliances even if it costs you a little bit more. This will pay off in the long run on utility bills, home value, and overall reliability.

10. Apply caulk and weatherstripping to any windows and doors that may need it. Anywhere you feel a draft needs to be sealed.

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