How to find a Reliable AC Repair Company

It’s no secret that the demand for companies who specialize in air conditioning service and repair in Austin, Texas is very high. There are dozens of HVAC companies in the area that can get the job done. But how can you know if you’re getting the best possible service at the most reasonable price? It can be difficult to make the choice of which AC repair company to allow into your home and your wallet! So how do you find the most reliable AC repair company with the best value? We’ve drawn up a list of the top factors to be aware of when choosing a long term, or even last minute, AC repair company.

  • Is the company licensed? You should be able to easily spot a TACL number on, at least, the company’s website and work trucks.
  • Look up reviews, but be wary of excessively high or low average ratings. This can often point to reviews from unreliable sources. And remember, unhappy customers are 10 times more likely to leave reviews than even the most satisfied clients.
  • Word of mouth. Did your friend refer you to a company that they have found to be helpful to them? Take their word for it! If they were happy enough with the service to refer them to you then it’s probably worth taking the chance.