How To Improve Indoor Air Quality In The Spring

The arrival of springtime inevitably means cleaning is in progress for Austin area residents. But don't mistakingly overlook a very key component to enjoying your home: indoor air quality. Below are five factors to keep in mind on how to improve indoor air quality in the spring:


One of the less desirable aspects of spring is the arrival of allergies, which generally results in watery eyes, runny noses and other annoying forms of discomfort. These issues are caused by pollen that comes with the blooming of leaves, flowers and any other things that’s growing outside. While this can’t be eliminated, you can prevent pollen from affecting your indoor air quality by keeping windows closed and making sure that the filters in your air conditioning unit are replaced regularly. In the latter case, a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter is your best bet.


At certain points during your spring cleaning, finding time to vacuum will be on the list. If you don’t currently have a HEPA vacuum cleaner, you might want to think about purchasing one. That’s because with HEPA microfiber cloths and disposable bags, they’re able to capture surface dust that might be missed with the standard vacuum cleaner.


Simply by watering house plants, you can make sure that indoor air quality improves because of their ability to filter out carbon dioxide. One word of caution in this area is to make sure that you don’t provide the plants with too much water, since the growth of mold can be the byproduct of that decision, something that negates your efforts.


The health dangers of smoking have been well known for decades, with not only the smoker risking their health, but those in the vicinity becoming vulnerable to second hand smoke. More than 4,000 chemicals make up this toxic wasteland, endangering not only health, but being absorbed into curtains and other household items.


Even simple actions can unknowingly bring hidden hassles into the home. This often happens on those days when you walk into your home and ever-so-quietly bring in dirt and dust via the shoes you’re wearing. By simply removing them as soon as your enter the door, you limit the possibility of such issues playing a role in a reduction of air quality. Either that, or place a mat at every entrance to the residence.

If you have any questions about your indoor air quality, or would like to schedule a maintenance checkup, call us at AC Express day or night!