How to Keep Up with the Fluctuating Temperatures of the Changing Season

With the arrival of Spring’s unpredictable weather comes the fluctuating temperatures within your home. According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling accounts for about 48% of your utility bill. There are many ways you can keep a consistent feeling of comfort in your home while keeping energy costs down.

Automatic Thermostat
Also known as a programmable thermostat, this type of thermostat allows you to adjust the times of heating and cooling according to a pre-set schedule. However, be careful that you don’t lower the temperature setting too much. If you do, your system will need to work extra hard to recover and you may not see the desired energy savings.

Preventative Maintenance
Often times, this essential part of a homeowners checklist gets overlooked. Having preventative maintenance checks performed by certified HVAC technicians once or twice a year ensures that your equipment is in optimal working order. It can prevent major breakdowns from happening by early detection.

Insulation can save you thousands. Older homes tend to have outdated or no insulation at all. It is important that you inspect your home for the quality of insulation and make repairs immediately.

Windows & Doors
Seal all cracks around windows and doors with caulk and/or weatherstripping. Also, consider replacing very old windows with new, energy-efficient kinds. Don't forget about the importance of window treatments. They are meant for more than just decoration. Proper window treatments help regulate the amount of sunlight coming in which can have a drastic effect on indoor temperatures.

Ceiling Fans
Set your ceiling fans to move clockwise in the heat and counter clockwise in the cold. This helps properly circulate and regulate the warm and cool air.

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