It's Hot Out There, Austin!

Hey Austin, It’s HOT out there! It’s time to get that AC running again. Just remember, blasting your air conditioner at a low temperature can shock your system and also use far more energy than a gradual change in setting. Try to change the temperature in only 2-3 degree increments.

It is also best to keep your thermostat set at the highest temperature you can be comfortable with. For example, setting your thermostat at 76 degrees instead of 72 degrees in cost and energy usage but still maintains a highly comfortable temperature. Not only will this habit help you save on your energy bills, but it will also prolong the lifetime of your AC system since it won’t need to constantly work as hard.

If you haven’t had your spring preventative maintenance checkup performed yet, NOW is the time! Give us a call to check and prepare your air conditioning system before it’s too late. Don’t get stuck with a broken AC after the heat has already rolled in full force. Call us here at AC Express and we will have a certified technician promptly come out to your home anywhere in the Austin area.