Need an AC Checkup and Tune Up?

Cooler than normal temperatures in the Austin area this spring may have convinced you to skip your regular AC tune-up, but the summer heat is sure to come through on full blast before you know it. Making sure that your air conditioning equipment works properly is the only way to stay cool. It’s always recommended that you get an AC checkup at the end of the winter in order to prepare for the summer months.

Dirt and dust buildup are among the primary causes of HVAC system failure but regular maintenance checks clean and service your unit. A system that is well maintained is much less likely to break down than one that does not get regular service, and utility costs reflect increased efficiency. When your system is running smoothly and not in danger of breaking down, you can comfortably relax and have peace of mind for the comfort of your family.

Some of the essential services in an AC tune-up would include:

• Condenser coil check
• Blower component inspection
• Operating pressure check for refrigerant
• Safety and efficiency checks of low-voltage wiring
• Thermostat check and calibration
• Inspection of electric conditions, including the shutoff valve
• Motor-voltage and amperage check
• Condensate drain and clean
• Air filter check
• Lubricate all moving parts where necessary
• Starting capability check

Avoiding a breakdown when you need your system to work perfectly is essential for comfort, and there are other benefits of an ac tune up. In addition to decreasing the likelihood of a breakdown, a tune up that you schedule for this fall can regain lost efficiency and make the system perform safely and efficiently again.

Saving on Home Expenses

Almost everyone wants to find ways to save money, and you can find significant savings by controlling your energy costs. The Environmental Protection Agency presents astounding statistics regarding how much of your total energy bill goes to pay for heating and cooling your home.

According to studies by the Agency, as much as half of the energy that you use is for keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Finding an easy way to reduce expenses is rarely easy, but you have one when you maximize the performance of your HVAC system.

Scheduling an Air Conditioner Tune Up

An AC tune up takes little time from your busy schedule, and the cost is minimal, especially when compared to the value that you receive. Contact us here at AC Express to schedule an appointment.