Noisy Air Conditioning Unit?

If your AC unit is loud and noisy, it’s a sign that some form of AC repair is needed. Some standard issues tend to be a part of any loud and noisy AC unit, so it helps to know what to look or listen for when such a situation develops. Some issues that AC Express sees on a regular basis include:

Fan Issues

When a fan begins to collect dirt and debris, the noise level rises, which means it needs cleaning. It’s possible that parts of the insulation have fallen inside, which requires removal. Either that, or the blade has become loose from the constant rotation, which requires tightening. Finally, that blade may become bent in some manner, which requires a delicate touch to alleviate the problem.

Dirty Coil Fins

Much like the fan, debris from outside can clog the coil fins inside, making for an annoyingly loud HVAC unit. Using a brush attachment from a vacuum cleaner could take care of this, but the issue of dealing with a coil fin that’s bent requires a little more delicacy. Using a fin comb can fix the issue, but the person fixing it needs to know what they’re doing or the unit could be damaged.

Problems with Screws

The vibration of a smooth running air conditioner inevitably means that the screws holding the unit together can become loose. Such rattling is clearly evident on the outside, but tightening all the screws can be tricky, and missing one or more could eventually lead to some unfortunate AC repair.

The Need for Lubrication

A squeaking noise in a unit needs to be addressed in the same manner as squeaking with other pieces of equipment. In other words, it needs to be properly lubricated in order for the bearings to not become overworked. Finding the oil ports is the way to do this, although for some individuals, handling something this basic is something that can be overlooked.


A grinding noise in any piece of equipment is never a good sign, and that’s definitely true when it comes to an A/C unit. When this develops, it’s because a bearing is getting close to failing. If it does fail, it could end up seriously affecting other portions of the entire unit as well.


The standard air conditioner should hum quietly, but sometimes there can be an issue where a hissing noise is emanating from the unit. When that problem develops, it’s undoubtedly related to leaking Freon, the product that keeps things cool. Taking care of that problem immediately is a necessity or else the unit could suffer severe damage.

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