Choosing an Air Filter for Your Home

It may be hard to believe but the indoor air quality in your home is likely to be worse than the air you breathe outside. Although it is good to maintain a tightly sealed, energy-efficient home, the downside is that bacteria and debris particles get trapped inside as well. The air filters you choose play a huge role in how good your indoor air quality is and also protect your air conditioning system from damage.

You may be familiar with the standard air filter- it is made from a mesh of fiberglass within a cardboard frame. This filter is meant to capture large particles and debris, that pass through the system, in order to prevent HVAC damage but they are not meant to clean the air itself.

When looking for a filter that does more for the overall air quality in your home, it’s best to stay away from the basic fiberglass filters. There are many other types of air filters on the market that are more sophisticated. They will be more expensive but will also improve the overall quality of life that you experience in your home.

Types of Air Filters:

  • Fiberglass Air Filters
  • Pleated Air Filters
  • Electrostatic Air Filters
  • High-Efficiency Air Filters
  • True HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters
  • Media Air Cleaner
  • Electronic Air Cleaner

Air Filtration System Add-Ons:

  • UV Lights

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