DIY AC Repair Tips

Not everyone is an expert in air conditioning repair but on really hot days you want your AC to work, and you want it to work NOW. AC Express offers same-day service but on really hot days we can often get slammed with calls which makes it more difficult to respond immediately. In a situation like that, check out these tips to see if there's anything that can be done on your own in the meantime.

Air Conditioning Repair When it Fails to Run

  • Check the plug. Did it come loose from the outlet or fall out?
  • Check the outlet by unplugging the air conditioner and plugging in a different appliance of the same voltage (110 or 230).
  • Did the fuse blow or the circuit breaker trip?
  • Check that the outlet’s voltage meets the air conditioner’s needs.

Air Conditioning Repair When Air Flow Is Not Cool Enough

  • Check the settings – is it set on “fan” only or “cool”?
  • Is there a window or door open?
  • Check that the filter is clean and unclogged.
  • Is the unit blocked from outside? At least three feet of clearance behind the unit provides proper airflow.

Other Common Air Conditioning Repair Problems

  • A plugged-in unit that fails to run may need a new power cord. Only a certified professional should change a cord in order to reduce the chance of electrocution or fire from an improperly-installed cord.
  • Dirty condenser coils inside the unit cause frosting of the coils on the front of the unit. Air conditioner repair professionals can take the unit apart and service it.
  • Air conditioners that sound as if they are just humming more than likely have a broken fan motor, which needs replacement.

While homeowners can perform some general, routine maintenance, always call a trained professional for central air conditioning repair.

Central Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Replace filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Regular filters typically need replacement every three-to-six months. Electronic or electrostatic filters need replacing more frequently, and users should change a HEPA filter once a month because of its increased efficiency at catching dust and dirt.

The condenser is usually behind the home. Cut down weeds, clear away leaves, and trim bushes nearby. Clean the coil on the intake with a commercial cleaning solution, then flush it. Remove the grill and brush the fins clean. During the cool months, cover the unit to prevent debris from entering the condenser.

Only a professional in air conditioning repair services should handle the refrigerant or Freon in the unit.

  • Replace the Filter
  • Condenser Care
  • Refrigerant

If you run into any problems, call AC Express right away! Our certified technicians can respond same-day. Call now! (512) 866-5520