Getting Your Air Conditioning System Ready for Spring

Spring means warmer weather, and warm weather means shutting off the heat and turning the air conditioning on. However, you'll want to make sure your air conditioning system is ready for the switch through a seasonal inspection and routine maintenance.

Luckily for most homeowners, the process of preparing your home's air conditioning is similar to that of its heat, making it a simple process whether approach cold or warm weather to ensure your heating and cooling service is ready. Below are a few tips for inspecting your HVAC system and getting it ready for spring:

  • Clean the air ducts – Even if your heat's been running all winter, you might want to clean out the air ducts before turning the AC on. This is particularly important if there is a long period between the two where your HVAC system is simply turned off due to pleasant weather, as dust can accumulate quickly.
  • Inspect the AC unit - Whether you use window units or a central air conditioning system, make sure you inspect the unit itself for leaks, damage or any other potential problems before switching it on.
  • Replace/Clean the filters - Remember to switch out the air filters on your HVAC system every season to minimize allergens in the air and optimize air flow for maximum comfort and efficiency. Air filters often need to be replaced every three to four months, making the change in seasons the ideal time to perform this maintenance task.

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