Is Your Home Ready for Spring?

Spring is not a distant dream anymore! However your home has probably been damaged by winter conditions and could use a little sprucing up both inside and out. Here are some things you can do to save yourself time and money before the warm weather comes.

  • Check your heating and cooling systems: Clean or replace air filters before they cause damage since this will ensure that your systems stay in good working order.
  • Check your air conditioner before you need it. If it needs repairs, it will be much cheaper to fix now than during the busy summer time.
  • Survey the seals around the outside of your windows and doors for cracked seals and weather-stripping. Re-caulk broken seals and replace broken weather-stripping. This will prevent lost heat in the declining cold days and lost cooling during the approaching warm days.
  • To protect and prepare your fireplace for next season be sure to clean it out before you close off the flues.
  • Soon it will be time for spring cleaning but the coming heat may prompt you to turn the fans on before you get around to it! Go ahead and dust the fan blades now to prevent a dust cloud later.
  • Speaking of spring cleaning, you may not have braved the winter wind to clean the outside of your windows yet, but doing so now will let more light into your home in the lengthening days.
  • If you’re really ready for spring, go ahead and get your lawn ready by clearing away debris from your lawn, like leftover leaves, stray trash, and twigs.
  • Check your garden hoses! Have the hoses been left outside to get dry and crack? If so, you’ll need to replace them before that spring cleaning spree you’re looking forward to starts.