3 Ways to Control Indoor Humidity in Austin, TX

Why is Indoor Humidity Control Important?

The ideal indoor humidity level for your home is somewhere around 45 percent. In the summer, however, humidity levels can get much higher than that. When indoor humidity exceeds 55 percent, it leaves your home at risk for a number of problems.

For one, high humidity levels often lead to poor indoor air quality. That’s because allergens like mold and dust mites thrive in humid environments. If you don’t have a good air filtration system to remove these allergens and microorganisms, high humidity can affect the health of you and your family.

High humidity also leads to uncomfortable conditions in your home. That’s because people feel warmer and stuffier when the humidity is too high. Some people will crank up their air conditioners to compensate for that, which increases your home’s energy consumption.

3 Methods for Controlling Humidity in Your Home

  1. Run your air conditioner - Dehumidification is actually a by-product of the cooling process. So whenever your air conditioner is running, it’s also dehumidifying your air to a certain degree. However, this is only effective when humidity levels are moderately high. In addition, this only works when your air conditioner is operating, which means your home’s humidity can increase every time your cooling system completes a cycle.
  2. Spot ventilation - Certain rooms in your home such as your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room can build up a lot of moisture. By running your vents in these rooms while you’re cooking, bathing or doing laundry, you can help control your indoor humidity levels.
  3. Whole house dehumidification - The best way to control indoor humidity in your home is to install a whole house dehumidifier. These units can remove gallons of water from your home’s air every day, and they operate even when your air conditioner isn’t running.

If you have any questions about indoor humidity control during summer, or if you’re in need of repair or maintenance, call AC Express and an experienced technician will promptly be happy to assist you!