Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home

Austin is known for many things such as its amazing music scene, quirky shops and events, its parks and nature, and of course the HEAT! Not only is it hot, but it’s also highly humid. Unfortunately, this creates a perfect breeding ground for mold. Many homeowners don’t realize just how easy it is for mold to invade their homes. Both mildew and mold can be found inside and outside a home. They can easily grow in spaces with moisture and warm temperatures. These microorganisms affect the health of you and your loved ones.

Sometimes mold can be easy to find primarily because of its smell, and it can also be spotted in a range of colors varying from gray and black to green and orange. For you to be able to eradicate the existence of this fungus, looking for the best fungal preventive measures should be considered.

Appliances to Consider:

One of the best tools you may want to use is a whole-house dehumidifier. With this appliance, you should be able to get rid of excessive humidity, which eventually results to making your whole home cool and effectively preventing fungal development.

Aside from this piece of equipment, using solar-powered attic fans may also be ideal. Installing these fans on your attic will help draw the heat away from the space that in turn replaces it with fresher and cooler air.

A two-stage air conditioner is not only more energy-efficient, but it is also more effective at removing the humidity from your indoor air. It certainly is a positive long-term investment in your home that will pay off for years to come even though it may cost a bit more upfront.

Additional Preventative Measures Against Mold:

  1. Vacuum regularly to get rid of the possible sources of mold development.
  2. Check your home for any water leaks (windows, cabinets or through your roof) and perform any necessary repairs immediately.
  3. Some appliances can be responsible for mold production, particularly the refrigerator, so be sure to clean regularly.
  4. Make sure that the clothes dryer ventilates to the outside of your home, otherwise, moisture may become trapped inside and allow for mold growth
  5. Towels and clothing must never be left moist for a long time period. Always make sure that they have been dried thoroughly by a line dry or in the dryer.
  6. Allow for plentiful airflow in the bathroom, especially after showers. Leave the bathroom door open. Ideally, a bathroom should have a ventilation fan to remove this excess moisture regularly rather than moving it to another part of the house.

Unfortunately, there is no 100% guaranteed technique for the prevention of mold growth. Even if you execute all these preventive measures, there is always a chance for their existence, particularly in places with humid and warm temperatures that is perfect for fungal development. In this case, keeping your home air-conditioned at all times can be a good idea.