5 Health Benefits of Using an Air Purifier

Clean air isn't as available as it may seem. Surprisingly, it is quite common that indoor air can be even more polluted than outdoor air. There are many health issues that come along with breathing in a poor air quality environment. Changing or cleaning your HVAC air filter regularly can greatly improve the air quality in your home but still only offers minimal protection. We've listed the following common examples of what an air purifier can protect you and your family from:

1. Fighting Allergies

People with hay fever and other airborne allergies are in a constant struggle with their environment. Having pets, concerns like dust mites or the presence of mold spores can trigger allergies, which lower the quality of life a person should be able to enjoy. This is where a purifier alleviates such issues.

2. Avoiding Colds and Flu

When the temperature dips, windows need to be closed, trapping in air particles. Living with others means that you have no control over their coughing and sneezing, which expels bacteria. Breathing in such germs speeds up the likelihood of coming down with a cold or flu, thereby offering a pertinent reason for having a purifier installed for all residents.

3. Keeping Lungs Clear

Older people may suffer from breathing conditions like COPD or emphysema, while younger individuals sometimes fight a daily battle with conditions like asthma or cystic fibrosis. Both need the particle-free air that a purifier can deliver, since if you don’t have an HVAC unit that covers the entire home, that can mean having to close windows in warm weather.

4. Protecting the Immune System

Individuals who are undergoing serious treatments such as chemotherapy or who otherwise have an immune system that needs to be protected can benefit greatly from having a purifier installed. Infections tend to breed because of the particles that can circulate within air that don’t affect the average person.

5. Improving Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

Air pollution has been shown to raise blood pressure, which within a home can be related to the presence of such things as a smoker, dogs, or cats. Having a purifier neutralizes the negatives connected with those issues, offering a more relaxing aspect—which translates to a greater sense of serenity. In addition, it can limit the chances of coughing spells that raise a person’s blood pressure.

The Bottom Line:

An AC unit may end up also sending unwanted particles into a home, which is why having an air purifier is a one-size-fits-all solution that offers protection in an area that may sometimes be the difference between life and death.

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