5 Ways To Cool Down Air-Conditioning Costs!

Heating and air conditioning your home takes up about 40% of your monthly utility bill. Try some of the following methods in order to reduce those costs!

  1. Lower your air conditioner thermostat to 78 degrees while you are home but let that number rise to a higher temperature while you are away.
  2. Install solar screens in the summer, which intercept up to 70% of solar energy before it gets into your home. They will do the job whether your windows are open or closed.
  3. Replace older room air conditioners with new units, preferably Energy-Star qualified units.
  4. Set the AC fan speed on low during humid days because the slower movement of the air throught the system removes more of the moisture. On non-humid days, set the fan speed on high.
  5. Turn on the kitchen exhaust after cooking and the bathroom fan after a hot shower to remove moisture and humidity from the source.