6 Types of Mold You May Find in Your Air Ducts

No matter where you live, one thing is a certainty: Mold can and will find you if you don’t take proper precautions. However, depending on the kind of mold you find in your home, you may have a varying degree of concern. Mold located in the air ducts can be especially hazardous during the COVID-19 pandemic when respiratory health is already compromised.

6 Common Types of Mold

There are many kinds of mold you may spot in your home, but these are the most common:


Acremonium takes on a white powdery appearance and is typically found around excessively wet areas in your vents.


Another common air duct mold strain, alternaria, typically takes a green or brown color with a velvet-like texture. Like acremonium, this mold also needs a lot of water to form and grow.


A very diverse mold in appearance, aspergillus can be hard to spot by the untrained eye. It will most commonly appear in a brown, yellow, or white color.


Fusarium may start in air ducts and then spread to outer walls prone to condensation.


Mucor is an extremely serious form of mold. It commonly forms inside your HVAC system, which means the spores are easily spread throughout your home. Mucor is toxic and needs to be dealt with professionally to protect your home and family.


Stachybotrys is a greenish or black-colored mold that is very toxic. This mold is known to rapidly spread with adequate moisture and may be found deep in air vents, as well as in places with a high cellulose content, such as fiberboard, gypsum board, and paper.

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