A Damaged Air Filter Will Lead to Repairs

An important component of any forced-air air conditioning and heating system is the air filter. The air filter serves many functions in your HVAC system, such as helping to prevent the spread of dust into the ducts and then into your home. But its primary function is to protect the interior of the air conditioner from contamination of various types of debris. The filter traps potential contaminants in its screen. Every month that the AC is put to use, the filter should be cleaned (if applicable) or changed for a new one to avoid airflow restriction and damage.

Here are a few issues that can arise from air filter damage:

  • Dirty motor bearings/motor parts: If the bearings on a motor inside a furnace or heat pump develop a layer of dust or dirt, it will soon cause the motor to burn out (listen for a squealing noise as a warning). Contamination to other parts of the motor will make its mechanisms strain harder, also leading to the motor burning out and needing replacement.
  • Failed burners: For a gas furnace, dirt contamination along the burner unit will mean the gas jets will not be able to draw enough oxygen to ignite—and that means no heating power.
  • Icing along with heat pump coils: For heat pumps, a dirt build-up over the evaporator coils will quickly lead to ice developing, since the coil will not be able to absorb sufficient heat to warm the refrigerant. The more ice develops, the less effectively the coil will work at heat exchange.

You can avoid these problems if you change the filter regularly and have maintained the unit done at least once a year.

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