Closing Vents to Save Energy? Think Again

It seems to make sense: close a vent to an unused room so that you may save energy, right? The truth is, closing vents in unused rooms will place undue stress on your air conditioner and cause it to work harder – potentially shortening its natural lifespan. Simply put, closing vents in unused rooms is actually quite inefficient and may cost you money over time.

To put it in perspective, here are the possible negative outcomes when closing off vents in your homes air conditioning system:

  1. Closing vents places so much stress on a home's ducts that there is potential for ruptures and leaks, which in turn results in higher utility bills.
  2. Closed vents located closest to the air conditioner sustain the greatest amount of damage, which makes sense considering that the shorter the distance cool air has to travel, the greater the pressure that builds along the way.
  3. Closing vents can restrict airflow so much that it causes tangible damage to the compressor – often in the form of frozen coils.

If you believe your air conditioner is not performing as efficiently as it should be, give us a call here at AC Express so that we can come check it out. There are many factors that could be resolved to give you the best energy efficiency and comfort. Most commonly, your AC unit could be the wrong size for your home. There's also the option of Zoning if you need to cool only certain parts of your home.

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