Is It Time To Replace your AC?

No one wants to think about replacing their air conditioning system in the middle of summer, but sometimes it is necessary. Odds are you’ve been seeing signs of malfunction and/or experiencing problems for a while, and with the added stress of running full-time for the summer, your AC may be ready to call it quits. So how do you know when it’s time for air conditioning replacement in Austin? We have put together a list of some common signs that it may be time to replace your current AC.


Most air conditioners have an average lifespan of 10-15 years. After 10 years, the rate at which parts and components break or malfunction begins to increase. Operating your air conditioner with aging parts and components can result in far worse damage and worsen existing wear-and-tear.

Frequent Repairs

As with any mechanical device, you can expect to pay for air conditioning repairs at some point. But if you are calling frequently for repairs, it may be time to consider a replacement. Repairs can add up, and enough repairs can add up to the cost of a new system.

Spike in Utility Bills

You probably have a good idea of what to expect for each month’s energy costs, especially if your cooling habits stay relatively even. If you see a big jump in your monthly energy costs, and there isn’t an existing problem with your AC or a price increase from the power company, your system may be struggling to supply the amount of cooling you need. When this happens, it uses more energy and your energy bills go up.

Temperature Inconsistencies

It isn’t unusual to experience slight differences in temperature in different parts of your home, but very distinct areas of hot and cold throughout your house point to problems with cooling. There are several problems that can cause inconsistent temperatures, and one of these issues may be that your AC can no longer keep up with your cooling needs.

At some point, repair may no longer be enough for your air conditioner. If you suspect you may have reached this point, call AC Express right away for the best deals and quality service in town!

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