Money Saving Air Conditioner Tips

Here in Austin, it seems as though we think about air conditioning regardless of the time of year. It is now November and our thermostats are still set to cool. Here are a few cooling tips to keep in mind that will end up saving you money.

  • A room air conditioner that is too big for the area it is cooling actually has adverse effects in providing comfort. A bigger unit than necessary may work less effectively and cool the room down to the set temperature faster than it can dehumidify causing an uncomfortable muggy feeling. Have a professional air conditioning technician choose the appropriate sized AC unit for your home.
  • Set your fan to “auto” mode if you have central air conditioning. This way the fan is only functioning at the same time as your compressor. Use your individual room fans to keep air circulating throughout your home when the AC is not on.
  • The smaller the difference is between the temperature inside and outside your house, the lower your utility bill will be. Keep your thermostat set to the highest temperature you find comfort in the summer and the lowest in the winter.
  • Try to keep appliances that produce heat away from the thermostat.
  • If you have an older air conditioning unit, consider upgrading to an energy-efficient model. Energy Star appliances are about 15% more efficient than older ones. They will save you money on your overall utility bills and you may be qualified for a rebate. 

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