Nest - The Learning Thermostat

Our lives revolve around technology. We like to have the most current phones, laptops, tablets, and televisions. So why not have the same standards for one of the most important things to keeping a comfortable home? Our society has turned air conditioning and heating into a necessity rather than a luxury. But by having outdated technology, you can actually end up spending much more than needed to maintain a comfortable environment at home.

Enter the Nest; a thermostat with learning capabilities of your habits. An un-programmed thermostat can waste a large chunk of your heating and cooling utility bills. But with this innovation, you can change the temperature to your desired levels at different times in the day and, within a week, the Nest will learn to set them on its own. You can even control it from your smartphone no matter where you are. And with the ability to check your daily energy history, request monthly energy reports, in addition to the ease of being energy conscious, your Nest will essentially end up paying for itself!