Prevent Home Flooding

Have you had enough of this rain yet? It seems as though the rain clouds just won’t leave us alone! Many buildings, roads, and homes in the Austin area were not built to handle such a constant downpour. We wanted to mention how you may be able to prevent and/or respond to flooding in your home.

Prevent flooding by:

  1. Keep storm drains clear of leaves and debris by raking or sweeping materials away from the drains. Drains near street corners and low areas of streets and parking lots are particularly key.

  2. Dispose of fallen leaves and other yard debris properly.

  3. Direct downspouts to at least 10 feet away from your home or business and clear gutters of any debris.

  4. If you're in an area where flooding is known to occur, keep sandbags on hand and put valuables in a safe place.

When the water begins to rise:

  1. Monitor radio and TV stations or the National Weather Service for updates, particularly for your area.

  2. If local officials advise evacuation, then evacuate quickly and safely. You may be directed to go to a specific location. Please follow the instructions.

  3. If water begins to rise around your home, evacuate to higher ground or a shelter, even if officials have not advised evacuation.

  4. As you travel, watch for washed-out roads, areas where streams or rivers may be flooding the area, and for downed power lines. Also assess low areas, such as dips in the roadway, or areas below water level. Do not attempt to drive over a flooded road. Turn around and drive another way.