Signs Your Water Heater Has A Mineral Deposit Build-Up

Having a broken water heater in the colder months can be one of the more frustrating experiences you can have as a homeowner. Some homeowners may notice that their water heater is making odd sounds throughout the day, and this is a big sign that their water heater is due for an inspection. The reason your water heater might be making odd sounds and not working correctly as of late could be due to mineral deposit build-up, and here is how to spot that issue!

The Noise

As mentioned previously, if you notice that your water heater has gone from being relatively quiet to a noisy nuisance, you likely have a mineral deposit build-up. For the most part, water heaters should be relatively silent, so the sound of clanging or rattling is the sign that something is wrong. You do not want to let water heaters make this rattling sound for too long, as the longer your water heater goes on with mineral deposit build-up, it can lead to corroded components, leaving you with a more extensive repair bill.

Inconsistent Temperatures

While the most significant sign your water heater has a mineral deposit issue can be the lack of hot water, inconsistent temperatures are another common sign. If you notice that your hot water is often too hot, you could also damage the water heater that mineral deposits could cause. If your faucets seem moody, running from lukewarm to extremely hot randomly, don't wait to call our team for help.

Cycling Randomly

Another sign of mineral deposit build-up affecting your water heater is randomly turning on and off. At times malfunctioning water heaters can cycle off, causing you to be left without hot water.

Water Quality

Another significant sign of mineral issues with your water heater can be seen when you run your water, and it comes out a rust color. Discolored water that can often look brown or rust is a tell-tale sign of mineral deposit build-up. Not only can your water look unpleasant, but it can also have quite an unpleasant smell.

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