Solar Lennox Air Conditioning

A brilliant idea. Lennox Solar Ready Air Conditioner and Heat Pumps. Solar-ready air-conditioners and heat pumps harness the power of the sun to reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to half. Solar power and its conversion to electricity for heating, cooling and other uses is nonpolluting. It’s also free and plentiful. Solar works like any other form of energy. It can provide power for everything from the refrigerator to video game systems. How it does this depends on the technology you choose. Homeowners across the globe are seeing the solar light. The reasons vary for each person, though they mainly come down to the following:

  • It’s free.
  • It’s clean.
  • It’s infinitely renewable.
  • It can reduce your utility costs.
  • It can also increase your home’s value.
  • It’s extremely reliable.
  • The sun has been around for billions of years and is likely to burn on for billions more to come.

And when you consider how a trusted name like Lennox is putting it to economical use in the home, it’s easy to see solar energy’s future is here!