What Is Emergency Heat?

Normally, your heat pump pulls heat from the outside air to warm up your house. It is designed to work in a broad range of temperatures throughout the winter. But when severely cold temperatures strike, it leaves your heat pump with little to work with, in which case, your air conditioning system switches to the auxiliary mode and uses the supplemental heat source (could be electric or gas).

Basically, it uses a backup method of heating in order to keep your home warm enough until the heat pump can properly function again. Remember that it’s called “emergency” heat for a reason. This is an inefficient, temporary way to heat your home and is only meant to be used in worst-case scenarios. You only need to switch on the Emergency Heat setting when the heat pump stops working.

While it’s definitely good to have a backup setting like emergency heat, the best way to avoid having to use it is by having a certified AC technician perform annual preventative maintenance checks to your heating and air conditioning systems. This way, your air conditioning systems can remain in optimal shape and potential problems can be detected early. We are the best backup for your backup system, so give us a call at the first sign of trouble. Your heat pump and your utility bills will thank you. Call AC Express today! (512) 866-5520