What You Can Do To Avoid Costly Air Conditioning Repairs

Since heating and air conditioning are absolutely essential in our homes, it is inevitable that these systems will need maintenance in order to avoid breakdowns. You should always have a preferred HVAC company to handle all of your home air conditioning needs and to inspect and maintain your systems regularly. Doing so will save you money on energy bills as well as prolong the overall life of your air conditioning systems.

There are still a few things you can do yourself in order to stay aware of your HVAC efficiency.

  • Inspect ducts, filters, blower, and coils for obstructions
  • Look for leaks or pooling water around the system
  • Check for cracks or broken sealants around the furnace or air conditioning system
  • Examine outdoor handlers for fallen debris, grass, or other outdoor items that could clog or deter your system from working properly
  • Clean and/or replace filters every month – a clogged filter can inhibit your system from working properly

Don’t forget that you can reduce your chances of needing repairs by having AC Express professionally maintain your heating and air conditioning twice a year. This will help you avoid emergency repairs on your AC in the dead heat of the summer and furnace repairs in the midst of winter. These are always our busiest times so think ahead and keep your HVAC systems in shape!

If you're in need of repairs or maintenance for your home air conditioning and heating system, call AC Express right away! Our certified technicians can respond the same day. Call now! (512) 866-5520