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Frozen Evaporator Coil

Your evaporator coil is responsible for absorbing heat from your home’s air. When this happens, condensation naturally builds up on your coils. This is not a problem unless something goes wrong with the cooling process, in which case, that condensation often can freeze over and cause your air conditioner to break down.

Potential Causes of a Frozen Evaporator Coil:

  • Obstructed Airflow - One of the most common causes of a frozen evaporator coil is lack of system airflow. This can be due to anything from closed off air registers to a malfunctioning air handler. If there isn’t enough air blowing over your evaporator coil, the coil won’t have enough heat to absorb. This will cause the condensation on the coil to freeze over.
  • Dirty Air Filter - This contributes to obstructing airflow to your system, which will cause the same problems as listed above.
  • Dirty Coil - If dirt builds up on your evaporator coil, the coil will have a hard time absorbing heat from your home’s air. Without that heat, your coils will get too cold and freeze over.
  • Low Refrigerant/Freon - If your system doesn’t have enough refrigerant (either due to a leak or an improper refrigerant charge), it will not be able to perform properly. One of the most common symptoms of low refrigerant is a frozen evaporator coil.

Call AC Express if you notice that your evaporator coil has frozen over so we can find the source of the problem. It’s best to turn off your air conditioner before we arrive at your home so that it can defrost by the time we get there. After we discover the source of the problem, we’ll fix it and advise you on how to avoid it from happening again!
If you have any questions or concerns, call us at AC Express now! 512-745-6516

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