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Outside Air Conditioning Unit Not Working

This is a problem that we often get calls for. There are many reasons why your outside unit won’t turn on. Some of these reasons can point to serious issues but some can just be checked by the homeowner before having a technician come take a look.

Here is a list of the possible causes that you, as the homeowner, can check for on your own.

  • Thermostat not set properly
  • Emergency or shut-off switch turned off
  • Blown fuse in panel box
  • Circuit breaker tripped or off
  • Outdoor disconnect off
  • Condensate pump unplugged and/or safety switch open
  • Outdoor reset button tripped (Usually found near the indoor unit, check to see if the pump is completely full of water. If so, make sure pump is plugged-in and hose isn't clogged.)
  • Unit "locked-out" (Reset it by turning the system off at the thermostat or breaker, wait 1 minute, then turn it back on. Wait up to 10 minutes to see if the outdoor unit starts.)

If all of the above listed items seem to be in working order then, unfortunately, your only choice is to call a professional technician for repairs. There could be some serious problems with your air conditioning system. Just a few of the possible issues could be:

  • Faulty thermostat
  • Faulty contactor
  • Faulty time-delay relay
  • Faulty thermostat cable
  • Unit off due to an open safety device
  • Faulty control module

Waiting to have repairs done can end up being more costly. Problems with your air conditioning system can cause even more damages to other parts of the AC if not addressed immediately. In your time of need, AC Express is happy to help. We provide same-day and emergency service. Call for an appointment today 512-745-6516

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