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Top 5 Air Conditioning Myths

Top 5 Air Conditioning Myths

Air conditioning technology has been around for quite a while. Some aspects of it may seem like common sense, but you might be surprised to find out the truth. Read on to see if you are guilty of any of these commonly believed misconceptions!

Myth 1: The Bigger The AC Unit, The Better

It's true that size matters, but not in the way you might think. The right thing to do is find the appropriately sized unit for your home. An oversized unit would prove to be incredibly inefficient for a smaller sized home. Not to mention, a large unit will often cycle more frequently and cause additional wear and tear to your air conditioning system.

Myth 2: Closing Vents in Rooms You Don't Use Saves Energy

This just might be something we have all been guilty of at some point. It seems reasonable to believe that if we close vents in unused rooms, we are saving the extra cold air that would otherwise be wasted in an empty room and redirecting it to other parts of the house. In reality, doing this actually creates an imbalance in the distribution of the air in your home and just traps the cold air inside your ducts.

Myth 3: Turning the AC Off When You Leave Home Will Save Money

This one seems like it should be true based on everything we know about how to conserve energy. Yet, when it comes to air conditioning, this common sense logic doesn’t apply. When you leave the house, you shouldn’t switch your air conditioner off completely. It takes much more energy for the air conditioner to cool a house down from too-hot to comfortable than it does to maintain a steady, cool temperature. You can definitely raise the temperature of the thermostat when you're not home, but only by 4 to 7 degrees. The best way to do this is to invest in a programmable thermostat.

Myth 4: Setting Your Thermostat Super Low Cools Your Home Faster

This myth is somewhat related to the last myth we mentioned. Keep your thermostat set at a reasonable temperature at all times and allow it to reach it naturally. Setting a much lower temperature will not actually cause your unit to work harder than it is able, but could result in energy inefficiency if forgotten and left running until it reaches the abnormally low setting.

Myth 5: Thermostat Placement Doesn't Matter

In reality, the placement of you thermostat could mean the difference between an efficiently and an inefficiently cooled home. Per the experts at theU.S.Dept. of Energy, a thermostat should always be mounted on an interior wall, preferably somewhere near the center of your home. It should also be away from windows, skylights, doorways, and drafty areas. You should never place furniture in front of or below you thermostat.

Have we surprised you with this list of common Air Conditioning Myths? If you have any other questions, or if you need any assistance with your AC and Heating system, please don't hesitate to call or text us anytime at 512-452-COLD!

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