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Austin Thermostat Installation

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Thermostats are the small but crucially important pieces of equipment we use to control our heating and cooling equipment. While their primary function is still essentially the same, today’s thermostats are considerably more advanced and capable than older, mechanical thermostats ever were. Today’s technology allows us to do all sorts of incredible things like make subtle adjustments, control humidity, account for local weather, and so much more!

AC Express offers a full contingent of thermostat services, including comprehensive repairs, replacements, and new thermostat installations throughout Austin, Cedar Park, and beyond. We work with all makes and models of thermostats, and will help you make sure your home has the HVAC control it needs throughout the year. We even offer upgrades to modern smart thermostats, including configuration, setup, and programming assistance.

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Save Money with a Programmable Thermostat

Did you know that you can save up to ten percent on your heating and cooling bills each year just by turning your thermostat back approximately roughly seven to ten degrees while you’re away from home? Sounds great, but how hard is it to remember to adjust your thermostat before you head out the door? For a lot of people, it is far more difficult than you might expect. And that means leaving the air conditioner or heater running all day long while nobody is there to enjoy it. At the end of the month, you open an energy bill that can make you truly cringe.

With a programmable thermostat, scheduling the times you turn on your heating or air conditioning is a breeze. With simple programming methods, you can set your temperature to adjust to different levels at different times of the day, each day of the week. That means turning your system to a more reasonable temperature when you are out so you spend less on energy, and having it turn back on again right before you get home so you never come back to an uncomfortable home. You’ll not only save on your utility bills, but your equipment will last longer since it wouldn’t need to operate as much. Ask one of our professional Austin heating & air technicians about updating your home with a programmable thermostat.

Contact AC Express and find out more about upgrading to a Nest thermostat in Austin, TX!

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    “AC Express installed a full heat pump unit for us about 6 years ago. They have been consistent and reasonable with the service of this new unit including any needed repairs.”

    - Tiffani W.
    AC express is very professional!

    “Austin area is experiencing a heavy snow storm right now and a capacitor of my furnace was out.”

    - Xiaohui C.
    Fixed the problem and didn't even charge for it!

    “The friend that recommended them had the same experience. Highly recommend!”

    - Lee
    Very professional at all points of contact.

    “They came the next morning before 11am, installed it in two hours, and done.”

    - Lacy K.
    What an amazing experience!

    “Polite, fast (but thorough), and they are local.”

    - Steven S.

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