3 Mistakes of Thermostat Placement

There are three basic mistakes in thermostat placement that will cause damage to an air conditioner. In each case, the thermostat will begin to read incorrect temperatures and start to signal the AC to behave in ways that will drain power and cause the system to wear down.

If the thermostat is located where direct sunlight hits inside of the house, the heat from the sun will cause the sensor in the thermostat to register a temperature much higher than room temperature. This reading will trigger the AC to come on when it shouldn’t and cause it to run for long periods of time. The unnecessary wear and tear will make your system require early repairs.

When a thermostat is near to windows and doors that allow in outside air, it will also begin to pick up false temperature readings, although in this case, they will be lower than room temperature. This time, the AC will start “short-cycling,” turning on briefly and then shutting off again. This strain will rapidly age the system.

A thermostat placed in the distant reaches of a home will not pick up accurate average temperatures. These readings will cause the thermostat to control the AC so it provides uneven comfort. The air conditioner’s behavior will become erratic, leading to stress on its components.

One of the best locations for a thermostat is outside the master bedroom, which is often near the center of the house and away from sunlight and drafts. Ask your thermostat installer about the ideal location for the unit in your home.

  • Placed in direct sunlight:
  • Placed close to outside drafts:
  • Far from the center of the house:

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