Benefits of Using an Air Conditioner Float Switch

Air conditioners have a variety of benefits, but they can still cause serious damage if proper precautionary measures are not taken into consideration. Air conditioner float switches are used to protect against one of the most destructive things that you’re AC system can cause an overflow.

The role of an air conditioner is to not only remove heat from air, but also to remove moisture. This process is referred to as phase conversion. The refrigerant converts liquid to gas in the evaporator coils. This process uses up the heat in the air and means that moisture from the air is eliminated through evaporation. The evaporated water condenses within the unit, and the cycle of evaporation and condensation continues. This cycle leaves some condensate behind that is supposed to be drained from the unit as it collects, outside your home or building, through a drain line. However, there are many elements that could block the moisture from leaving, causing it to build up in the unit and overflow.

An overflow occurs when dirt and slim clog the drain lines, causing it to backup. If your evaporator coil unit has a drain pan, then it can catch any excess moisture before it results to serious concerns. A drain pan is particularly crucial for air conditioning systems in attics since an overflow can destroy the ceiling, and even result in microbial growth. Microbial growth can lead to mold, which creates a potentially hazardous living environment. Drain pans are also useful in preventing overflow damage in vacation homes, especially when the owner is away for a long period of time. However, a drain pan can only prevent overflow until full capacity, after which the liquid begins to spill over.

An AC float switch prevents the overflow from occurring after the drain pan has reached capacity. While air conditioners are designed to facilitate drainage of moisture to the exterior of the building, debris and algae, that occurs naturally, can block the drain line leading to poor discharge of the liquid. The liquid that results from a backup is more than the capacity of a drain pan, which can result in water damage.

If you have a properly installed air conditioner float switch, a small valve in the switch will float when the moisture begins to accumulate in the drainage line, sending a signal to the compressor unit so that it can turn off. Deactivation of the compressor puts a stop to the condensation process, which means that an overflow is prevented.

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