Maintaining Comfort In Changing Seasons

During the changing seasons, there can be drastic changes in weather conditions in some areas. A warm day may be followed by a chilly night. This creates a strain on the heating and cooling system in your home. There may be times when you need to use both your AC and furnace within a twenty-four-hour period. There are steps you can take to minimize the wear and tear on HVAC components during this time of quick-changing outdoor conditions and keep your home comfortable in the process.

Energy Saving Tips

Check Window and Door Caulking – The winter weather can cause damage to caulking and weather stripping. The early spring months present the best time to inspect your home for this type of damage, which occurs during the winter. Replace any torn or missing caulking and weather stripping. You may want to replace any missing roof shingles and damaged siding at this time as well. Clean out the gutters while you are inspecting the roof shingles.

Change your HVAC system air filter – Regularly changing the air filter in your heating and cooling system is a quick an easy task which goes a long way in protecting the system components from damage. A buildup of dust and debris on the blower fan can cause noisy operation and lead to damage over time. The ductwork may also become clogged with dirt and debris, causing poor air quality in your home. Choose a good quality air filter that will remove large and small pollutants.

General spring cleaning – Routine spring cleaning not only gives your home a fresh beginning, it can help keep your HVAC systems working more efficiently. Cleaning the heating and cooling vents helps keep your indoor air clean during the upcoming summer months when your A/C may be used extensively. This is also a good time to clean any ceiling fans, windows, and other spring cleaning tasks. This will reduce the amount of dust and pollutants that may be circulating in the home with A/C use.

Annual Preventative Maintenance: Inspection and Cleaning

Heating and Cooling System Inspection – Regular air filter changes are important, but a thorough inspection is recommended at least once every year. Components should be inspected for potential problems by a professional. The system can be checked for energy efficiency at this time. The thermostat also can be checked to ensure correct calibration. The cost of maintaining an inefficient system can significantly increase your utility expenses over time.

System cleaning – The cleaning usually refers to indoor and outdoor cleaning of your system components. Any pests or insect infestations should be cleared out of the ducts fully to avoid the return of any problems. You can have your HVAC professional repair any damage to the ductwork at this time.


Install a Programmable Thermostat. An inexpensive upgrade which is easy to install is a programmable thermostat. There are several types ranging from a simple option that enables you to set up to four different programs each day to a model that will notify you when it is time for a filter change or annual maintenance. There are upscale models that can set different temperatures in various rooms in your home by employing room sensors.

HVAC System Replacement. If your A/C system is over 10 years old and showing signs it is no longer operating properly, you should consider a system replacement before you're left without cooling on the hottest days of summer. Read here for signs your home is asking for an A/C system upgrade and read here for reasons why replacing both systems at the same time is a good idea.

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