Bug-proof Your Home!

As the temperature drops, bugs begin to find ways to make it through the winter. Your home is a perfect resort from the elements. Make sure you are ready to keep those pesky creatures away from your loved ones as many insects carry disease and are just plain annoying.

Carefully examine entrances for unsealed gaps. Apply weatherstripping or door-seal kits to the edges of the frame. Also, install a sturdy threshold under the door to keep bugs from crawling right into your house. Using this in combination with a nylon brush sweep will give you optimal protection.

If you don't have screens on your windows, consider getting some as they can be a major guard against bugs. If you already have screens, check for small holes and tears. Some can be fixed just by pushing the broken wires back into place or sealing up the holes with clear nail polish. If the damage is greater than that, replace with brand new screens.

Make sure to get rid of any piles of leaves or other debris as these create perfect hiding spots for bugs. There they can reproduce and prepare themselves for an infestation.

Examine the exterior of your home for any cracks, missing sections of brick or siding, and rotted wood. Repair these damages as they are a clear entry way for bugs and other critters. Add caulk around window frames and use it to patch small cracks in the siding and foundation. Also, there are likely to be holes drilled into the exterior of your home for many installations such as internet/phone/cable wiring, water, electrical, gas, or air conditioning piping. Caulk, pipe sealants, and polyurethane foam may all come in handy to seal these openings.

Try to keep clutter inside your house to a minimum. Otherwise, you are providing a welcoming environment where bugs can hide and reproduce in comfort without your knowledge. Make sure to store all food in airtight containers and clean up crumbs and spills immediately.

Trash should be placed in a can with a lid and is emptied and cleaned regularly.

  1. Seal Your Doors
  2. Check for Screens
  3. Maintain Your Yard
  4. Repair Cracks
  5. Keep Your Home Tidy
  6. Properly Store Trash