Heating Tips for Fall

Here is a list of heating tips to keep in mind during the chillier season:

  1. Have your furnace professionally inspected and tuned-up annually. A regular maintenance program is recommended to ensure safe, efficient operation before the cold weather arrives. A properly maintained heating system works more efficiently and reduces your energy usage.
  2. Keep the area around the furnace clear so to not obstruct the air supply to the appliance and make sure that you have no flammable materials nearby.
  3. Check your furnace filter monthly for maximum air cleaning efficiency. Dust and dirt can quickly clog vital parts, making your furnace run harder and eventually break down.
  4. Turning down your thermostat too far past the normal household setting could result in more energy being used to reheat the house than you might have saved.
  5. If your furnace is 15 years or older, think about replacing it. An old furnace, even in decent condition, might only operate at about half efficiency. New furnace fans will reduce your electricity bills. Other perks of new heating equipment include increased property value and an overall improved home comfort.

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