Harness the Sun's Energy

Everything is bigger in Texas! Sometimes it seems like that also applies to the sun here. If you live in Austin, you know very well that the summers are rough; running the AC is a constant at home. At the end of every month is that traumatizing moment when it comes time to pay the utility bill.

There are definitely some great ways to curb those energy bills a bit. You can purchase EnergyStar rated energy-efficient appliances (which may also qualify you for a rebate from the City of Austin), use fans as well as air conditioning to circulate air throughout your house or cool rooms down individually, avoid blasting the AC, and spend time outdoors in nearby body water (how about a nice refreshing dip in Barton Springs Pool!).

But what if we approach this issue another way? Instead of viewing the sun as the enemy and always trying to win the battle by force, why not try to harness its energy instead? This way, utility bills will be lower, your wallet will be happier, and you'll have more money to spend on all the fun activities that Austin has to offer. Not to mention, you will be using good, clean energy. So as a plus, you get to feel good about yourself for being good to the earth.

Now is the best time to consider the life-changing switch to solar energy! The weather is mild and there's still a bit of time for decision making and installation before the heat rolls in. Weigh out your options and calculate the long-term payoff. If you're a homeowner in the Austin area, you are sure to find this to be a great improvement to your wallet and your lifestyle.

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