Is Keeping a Consistent Temperature in Your Home a Challenge?

Dealing with fluctuating weather can be cumbersome, especially when it comes to keeping a comfortable temperature in your home. When you live in Austin, you truly understand the challenge that comes with any season other than Summer. The weather here is highly unpredictable and is always prone to dramatic changes from one day to the next. Here are a couple of methods to use in order to make things easier during this tricky season.

  1. In order to keep from constantly varying the setting on your thermostat from heating to cooling and back, keep the setting as you normally would and wear a light sweater while you're at home. Small changes in temperature are fine but try to refrain from switching back and forth too much in order to avoid raising your energy bill.
  2. Check for leaks around your windows and door frames. Seal any leaks with caulking and/or weatherstripping.
  3. Make good use out of your window treatments. Not only used for privacy, blinds and curtains definitely help with temperature control inside your household. If it's getting too cold inside, allow the natural sunlight to come through and warm up your house. On overcast days, close the blinds in order to trap the existing heat inside your house. Keeping them closed also helps when you have an issue with drafts coming through your windows.
  4. Make use of ceiling fans. In the colder months, change the direction of your ceiling fan movement to an upward draft in order to redistribute the warm air that rises to the ceiling.
  5. Close vents and doors to unused rooms in order to make better use of the temperature distribution from the air conditioning/heating system throughout the house.