Preparing Your Home For Winter Weather

Sometimes here in Austin, we can get caught off guard with the high price of heating your home. High-energy bills in the summer are expected, but spikes in utility bills during winter can happen as well. Before the cold comes rolling through, it's best to have your home prepared ahead of time.

Seal Your Home

One simple way to reduce your energy costs is to seal up any holes and cracks in the house. Usually, older houses tend to have a lot more cracks, but almost all will have some room for improvement. All that cold air you're allowing into your home is the air that you're paying to heat.

Start the sealing process on the outside of your home. Check windows and door frames, most importantly, and apply caulking and/or weatherstripping accordingly. Be sure to check around pipes and electrical boxes as well. Double-check for any cracks you may have missed, then complete the process by sealing all the same areas from the inside of your house.

Improve Efficiency

There are still other ways to improve the efficiency of your home. One very important, yet often overlooked, the method is to change air filters regularly. The frequency of changing or cleaning filters is determined by many factors such as the size of your home, presence of pets or smokers, and the climate (dry, dusty climates will require more frequent changes).

Another good option is to start running a humidifier. This will increase the heat index inside, thus making it feel warmer and allowing you to turn down the thermostat a couple of notches. You can also consider insulating the attic, or entire home if there is none present already.

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