How Important is Your Thermostat?

It's very easy to overlook the importance of such a small item in your household such as the thermostat. But in reality, this small device plays a huge role in the effectiveness of your HVAC system: the largest source of comfort in your home. We wanted to list a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your thermostat in order to get the most out of your air conditioning system.

Location, Location, Location!

The placing of any thermostats in a household is something that probably doesn’t enter most people’s mindset. That apathy can potentially lead to higher electric bills through additional AC or heater use, since the temperature on the device can be skewed in specific areas. For example, if it’s near a door, in direct sunlight, vents or the kitchen, the temperature won’t be a true representation.

What’s at Fault?

Controlling the heater or AC through the thermostat is what helps maintain the consistency of your HVAC system. When something goes wrong, many people believe that if the actual temperature inside a home is in contrast to what’s seen on the device, the latter is broken. In reality, a more serious issue exists with either the HVAC system or the ductwork, and should be addressed immediately.

Multiple Thermostats Can Be Effective

While large homes usually have two or more devices to cover their wider area, the thought of doing the same for a smaller residence is often dismissed. However, for multi-level houses, these can serve to balance the temperature across a home. Basements tend to require additional heating during cooler months, but rather than raise the temperature of the entire house to compensate, having multiple options in this area will reduce heating bills.

Programming for Peace of Mind

For years, homeowners have been told that they can save money if any thermostats are lowered while they’re either sleeping or at work. The problem is that people may forget as they trudge off to bed for the evening or are in a rush to get to work. However, a programmable device will help alleviate that issue, since a number of varieties exist that can be set either daily or be changed to factor in weekends.

The Danger of Mercury

If you haven’t gotten a new thermostat in a long time, you likely have one that has mercury in it. That can become dangerous if the device should somehow be broken, since the amount of mercury inside is large enough to potentially contaminate a small lake. Therefore, getting in touch with us to address this issue can turn out to be important.

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