Rebates, Offers, Financing, and Warranties

Today’s tip is all about getting the best deal for your air conditioning in Austin. Air conditioning is sometimes a difficult area to navigate when it comes to financing. There are so many options when it comes to what you put in your house and the range of how much you could end up paying is grand. You have to choose an Austin air conditioning service, a brand of air conditioner, a type of air conditioner, the right size, etc. And on top of all that, you have all sorts of rebate programs, special offers available, and you have to think about what kind of warranty you might get.

So, with all these options, it can be helpful to have some clarity. That’s what this tip is going to be about. Read on to learn about financing a new air conditioner with AC Express, what special offers we have available, what rebates are within reach, and what kind of warranties you’re likely to find when air conditioner shopping.

Financing Options with AC Express

We at AC Express know that a new air conditioning system can take its toll on your paycheck. Air conditioners are investments and like any investments, the initial price tag can be steep, especially if you want a high-quality one. Getting a high-quality air conditioner is a smart move in the long run, as they run more effectively and efficiently, saving you money on energy costs over the long-term. But in the short-term, they can be costly. That’s why we have a special financing option at AC Express to solve this particular problem.

When you get your air conditioner installed by AC Express you can apply for something called the Wells Fargo Home Projects credit card*. This is a credit card program designed specifically for financing all of your home improvement projects.*The Wells Fargo Home Projects credit card is issued with approved credit by Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, an Equal Housing Lender. Ask for details

Some of the features of the Wells Fargo Home Projects credit card include a revolving line of credit that you can use for project after project and special financing options. You also get convenient monthly payments that are tailored to your budget and an easy to use online account management system. All you have to do to get a Wells Fargo Home Projects credit card to pay for your new air conditioner is go to the Financing tab on our website and click apply now. This will take you to a page that asks you simple questions relating to your background, employment, etc.

AC Express Special Offers

AC Express offers some special deals for our customers that exist solely to save you money. We know air conditioning is important to you but that it can often come with a high price. You want to live comfortably without spending all of your hard-earned money on the cool air in your home. So, we do what we can to make good air conditioning as affordable as we can for you.

One way we do that is by offering a free preventative maintenance check with any service you get from AC Express. As you saw in our last tip, preventative maintenance is an often overlooked important aspect of achieving quality air conditioning year-round, improving your system’s efficiency, and staving off the need for costly repairs. Call us for more details on this great offer.

At the top of our website, you’ll see a tab labeled Free System Giveaway. This isn’t so much an offer as it is a contest but it’s definitely one worthy of your time. By filling out a super short questionnaire of just seven simple questions, you can enter yourself in a contest to win a free air conditioning system. There’s no purchase necessary and the only requirements are that you’re eighteen years or older and live in AC Express’ service area (which is, in addition to Austin itself, Buda, Lago Vista, Lakeway, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Hutto, Pflugerville, Liberty Hill, Leander, Taylor, Round Rock, Manor, and Kyle). The contest is also limited to one entry. per household.

Also, it is worth checking our Promotions page from time to time, as we sometimes offer Groupon and LivingSocial deals. Find our Promotions page at the bottom of our home page.


When you get your air conditioning service from AC Express you’re destined to save money if you take advantage of the rebate programs we offer. Through Energy Star and the city of Austin, a number of incentives are available to you depending on your qualifications and the type of air condition system you get.

The Energy Star rebate is the biggest one. Basically, the way it works is, you make improvements to your home by upgrading your air conditioning system to one that has a high energy efficiency rating. Once you meet the recommended benchmarks proposed by Energy Star, you’ll get access to a hefty rebate. These rebates average around $1500 and about 25% of your improvement project cost. All you need to do is make improvements to your home, which is beneficial to you anyway, using a registered contractor such as AC Express, and you’ll save money.

Some of the requirements you’ll need to reach to get this incentive include:

  • The installation address must be served by Austin Energy Electric.
  • Only existing structures qualify for the rebate.
  • The application for incentive payment must be received by Austin Energy no later than 60 days after installation.
  • The HVAC efficiency level must be listed on website.
  • HVAC systems installed with electric resistance heating elements do not qualify.
  • Both Condensing Unit and Evaporator Coil must be replaced.
  • For greater comfort and energy savings, rebates are available for duct sealing and replacement through Austin Energy's Home Performance with Energy Star Program.
  • Incentive payments will be made to the purchaser of the qualifying equipment after verification of the efficiency and on-site inspection by an Austin Energy representative, to assure compliance with program guidelines. In cases of dispute, the owner of the installation address will be given the incentive.
  • To receive the air conditioning or heat pump incentive, the unit must both meet SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and the EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) minimum requirement.
  • The process from Austin Energy's receipt until payment, takes 4 to 6 weeks. Incomplete or incorrect information will delay this process and may cause your request for incentive payment to be denied.

To see a full list of the requirements, and all the details about this incentive program, visit the Discount page of our website.

In addition, members of Pedernales Electric Cooperative have access to a rebate through the Pedernales Company. Information on this incentive can also be found on our Discount page. It works much the same as the Energy Start incentive, giving customers who use certified contractors like AC Express to install high energy-efficient machines in their home rebates on their purchases. Though these incentives are subject to change as funding is depleted. Right now, the Pedernales Electric Cooperative website states that 90% of their funds for their incentive program have been used for the year and they will announce when either these funds are gone or are replenished.

What Kind of Warranties to Expect

When you’re shopping for a new air conditioning system make sure you know what kind of warranty you’re getting. Air conditioners, due to the amount of use they get and how long they last, are prone to needing repair. These repairs can get quite costly, as these are complicated machines with expensive parts. Warranties help give you some peace of mind in this matter. Knowing what kind of warranties you might expect to get with your next AC unit is helpful when making a budget and list of things you want out of your air conditioner purchase.

For example, American Standard offers three levels of warranty, the base limited warranty, the registered limited warranty, and the optional extended warranty. Their base limited warranty covers all the parts of their products, for a number years depending on the part, anywhere from a year to ten years. Their registered limited warranty gives you better and longer coverage and all you have to do is register your product within 60 days of purchase.

This breadth of warranty types and terms is typical for most of the major manufacturers of air conditioners. There’s usually a base limited warranty, an extended warranty for registering your product, and the option to pay extra for an extended warranty. Trane, Lennox, and Payne all use this warranty system. Lennox even includes on their website some of the warranty timelines for specific product lines of theirs. Their Dave Lennox Signature series of air conditioners come with a 10-year warranty on the covered components and the compressor, and a 20 year or limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. By contrast, their Merit Series air conditioners come with 5-year warranties on the covered components and the compressor and a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger.

Be aware though, the word “limited” in all of these manufacturers’ warranty claims means that the warranty applies to malfunctions and defects that come from the machines themselves. The warranties usually don’t cover repairs or replacements needed because of incorrect use, improper maintenance, theft, external damage, flooding, etc. Your products are covered if they stop working just because there was something wrong with the machine inherently but in all other cases the warranties are typically not going to apply.

Air Conditioning Repair in Austin with AC Express

AC installation and AC repair in Austin can get expensive. That’s why we’re here. With AC Express, you not only get top-notch service; you get it with the guarantee that you’re getting the best deal for your time and money. We have available a number of discounts, offers, special deals, and rebate options that you can take advantage of. Peruse our website for more information about these special deals and rebate options.

And remember, if you’re ever in need of same-day AC repair or any kind of air conditioning service in Austin and around, don’t hesitate, call AC Express. We have a team of excellent technicians that are ready to get you the Austin AC repair service you need when you need it. Call today! (512) 866-5520