Unstable Temperatures in Your Home?

When you live in Austin, you are quite aware of the temperature fluctuations throughout the seasons. We know that summer is basically a standard of hot, hotter, or hottest. But during the fall, winter, and, spring seasons, it gets a bit more difficult to predict what the weather will be like. One day, you need a jacket, the next, anything more than a t-shirt is unbearable. It’s hard enough to dress for the weather, let alone maintain a consistent temperature inside your home. We have listed a couple of methods to help alleviate the temperature issue during these tricky seasons.

-Rather than constantly varying the setting on your thermostat to keep up with the changing temperature outdoors, it’s best to keep your thermostat set to a moderate temperature as you normally would and just dress appropriately in order to stay comfortable indoors. Small changes in temperature are fine but try to refrain from making huge back and forth jumps in setting on your thermostat. Too much change will raise your energy bills and put a strain on your air conditioning and heating system.

-Make good use of your window treatments! Don’t forget that blinds and curtains are there for more than just privacy. They provide another way that you can control the temperature in your home. If it gets to be cold outside, open the blinds and let the sunlight warm the air in your home. Be sure to close them at night or on overcast days because having the windows exposed could have an adverse effect when the sunlight is not beaming. Plus, keeping them closed in those situations will actually help to trap existing heat inside your house.

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