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Why You Need to Choose a Two-Speed Air Conditioning System

goodman two speed system

Two-speed, or two-stage, air conditioning units offer more effective and efficient home cooling, and more money saved on energy bills. Standard systems run at one speed only: high. When you need to cool your home, the AC runs on at full blast, whether you need that much conditioned air or not. This usually means that you're using more energy than is needed and therefore spending more money than you need to.

Two-stage air conditioners run at two speeds: low and high. A two-stage cooling system runs at its lower speed about 80% of the time. A two-stage air conditioning system has the ability to increase its cooling capacity and so it adjusts to the home's load when temperatures become extreme. When humidity and temperatures rise, the two-stage compressor responds, immediately adjusting its output to the higher speed to keep up with demand.

More perks of having a two-speed system:

  • Improved humidity control - The air is better dehumidified when the AC runs continuously. Short but strong blasts of air, like from a single stage system, don't provide enough time for the AC to remove water vapor from the air, but a continuous operation at a low speed gives the coils enough time to extract water vapor and release it outside of your home.
  • Longer service life - A compressor that constantly shuts on and off will experience more wear and tear, and will eventually just break down. With less on-off cycling, the two-stage compressor lasts longer, especially if you schedule annual preventive maintenance checks.
  • Overall comfort - The on-off cycling often leads to drastically changing temperatures depending on whether the system is running or not. Operating in a continuous mode avoids this problem, circulating just enough air in the home to make it comfortable, with little variation in temperature.

With so much to consider when it comes to home cooling, take the time to explore your options when you'rein need of an air conditioner replacement. Two-stage systems cost more initially, but are an advantageous investment.

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