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Signs You May Need Air Duct Repair

Air conditioning is a necessary component of every home, especially here in Austin, TX. The air ducts are an essential part of your AC system. It is important to ensure that they are in peak condition. Often, it’s hard to tell when they are not in proper working order but luckily we have provided a list of signs to look out for when your air ducts need to be repaired.

  1. Old Age – First and foremost, if you have ducts that are very old, they will certainly experience problems from normal wear and tear, which is why it is advised to get them inspected before any serious problems develop. Also, extremely old (40-50 years or older) air ducts may contain asbestos, which can create a number of problems to your home, and more importantly, your family’s health. It’s highly recommended that asbestos-lined air ducts be replaced as soon as you are aware of them.
  2. Mold - Mold is another serious problem that can cause health issues if you happen to inhale it, which is why it is critical that you find out if it’s present in your air ducts. If you are in an environment where the humidity is high, you are automatically at a higher risk for mold growth in your home. While metal ducts can be cleared of this, plastic ones cannot, and must be replaced as soon as possible.
  3. Whistling Noise – If you can hear a whistling noise, it is very likely that there is an air leak present within your ducts. Often these are just small leaks, so they are very easy to fix.
  4. Loud Irregular Noises - If you hear rumbling or banging noises, it could mean that the ducts are collapsed. This usually leads to inconsistent temperature distribution throughout your home.
  5. Inconsistent Temperature Control - If there is a sudden and unexplained spike in your energy bills, this could mean that your ducts have a leak in them that is pushing the air outside and not into your home. This leakage will keep raising your energy prices, as well as delivering inefficient heating and cooling to your home, which is why it’s important to get this repaired immediately once your suspect a leak.
  6. Cracking - This is also associated with leaking. If you notice that any of your ducts have cracks in them, it is time to have them repaired. Waiting to do so will only result in paying more for energy as each month goes by.
  7. Strange Odors – Sometimes a dusty smell could point to dirty air ducts. You should have your air ducts cleaned of any dust and debris in order to reduce allergens in your home. But sometimes, certain odors could also be signs of a leak pulling in the outside air.

If you notice any of these signs, or would simply like to be confident about the quality of your air ducts, contact our air conditioning company AC Express. We will come down to inspect your air ducts and ensure that they are in peak condition.

If you're in need of repairs or maintenance for your home air conditioning and heating system, call AC Express right away! Our certified technicians can respond same-day. Call now! 512-745-6516

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