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Buy a Two Speed Cooling System for your Austin, Round Rock and Cedar Park home!

How do Two-speed Air Conditioners Work - The biggest difference between single-stage and two-stage air conditioners is how they work. In fact, it is this key difference that affects the other two. Let’s look at each one individually.

Single-Stage Air Conditioners – A single-stage air conditioner is like most light switches – it is either all the way on or all the way off. Single-stage air conditioners turn on 100% when the temperature in your home is warmer than your thermostat’s setting and turn off completely once that setting has been reached.

Two-stage Air Conditioners – Two-stage air conditioners are more like your typical ceiling fan – they can be completely off, all the way on, or at a medium speed. This is where two-stage air conditioners get their name; they have two speeds (or stages). If your home is extremely warm, a two-stage air conditioner will use the higher speed, but if only a little cooling is needed it will use a more energy-efficient lower speed.

One large difference for Austin residents to consider, is Energy Efficiency. While any air conditioner you choose will likely be much more efficient than your old air conditioner, there is a significant difference in energy efficiency between single-stage and two-stage air conditioners.

Two-stage air conditioners, use a lower setting so they run longer and more consistently. A two-stage air conditioner will actually run longer than a single-stage, but use less energy because it is at a lower speed.

We understand that price is an important consideration when replacing your air conditioner, but it should not be the only one. Talk with your contractor and find out if the two-stage model could save you enough money on your energy bills to make the price difference worth it.

If you are looking to replace your air conditioner, Austin Ac Express can help point you in the right direction. Schedule a free in-home estimate online today.

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