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Common AC Problems That Should Be Fixed Immediately

  1. Wiring and Electrical Control Failure
  2. Wiring can become old, frayed and dangerous to operate. Also, electric controls to your thermostat can affect its operation. The most prevalent signs of trouble are:

    • AC Won't Power On: Always check that power is getting to the thermostat. If you have a volt meter and are trained in using it, you should get a reading of approximately 27 volts. If equipped, replace the batteries.
    • Temperature Fluctuation: If the thermostat has been knocked out of alignment, it will register improperly. Level and reset.
    • Inaccurate Temperature Reading: Using a soft bristled brush, gently brush away any dust inside and around the thermostat. Use an electronic spray cleaner to clean contacts.

  3. Leaks and Low Refrigerant
  4. If your refrigerant levels are low, either your AC unit was undercharged or your system is leaking refrigerant. If your AC system suddenly blows warm air, that's a strong sign that your system has a refrigerant leak.

  5. Frozen Coils
  6. This common complication occurs when coils develop an icy build-up. To fix this problem, let the fan run to melt away the ice. Open any closed vents in the home to ensure that enough air-flow is blowing through the coils. Clean dust and dirt off of the coils and change out your air filters.

  7. Outside Unit Won't Turn On
  8. The condenser, compressor and fan make up the outside unit of your AC system. Always check for tripped breakers. Also, check that your thermostat is in working order and that the power is on.

  9. Unit Runs, But No Noticeable Change in Temperature Occurs
  10. There are a few common AC problems that come to mind when your HVAC system doesn't change the inside temperature of the home:

    • Evaporator Operation: The evaporator coils are located inside your home. Always keep them clean. If there is a build up of frost, it could either mean that you need to re-charge your AC unit, or that the fan motor is not generating enough air over the coils due to dirty air filters.
    • Condenser Operation: Common AC problems result when there is insufficient clearance around the unit. If there are shrubs or yard debris clogging air flow, this will directly affect how your system is working.
    • Improper Unit Sizing: It's always important to have a new system sized by a professional, especially if there have been recent changes to your home. Room additions, added windows and skylights all affect the system size required by your home and how hard your AC system has to work.

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