The Benefits of Getting Regular Furnace Maintenance

If you think you’re too busy to schedule a home furnace inspection, think about how busy that system stays keeping the family warm through the winter. It works day and night delivering heat at the command of a thermostat regardless of the chilly temperature outside. Regular furnace maintenance prepares your system for freezing weather with extra benefits that payoff through the coldest months.

Lower Utility Bills

If you’re turning that thermostat down and wearing sweaters to save on energy costs, you’re overcompensating for a system that needs a professional tune-up. Over time, dirt accumulates on furnace components, and the motor, heat exchanger and air handler work harder to do their jobs. The buildup produces friction between moving parts, so they consume more energy. A dirty burner doesn’t produce heat efficiently, and leaky ductwork lets warm air escape into the attic and walls. A well-maintained home furnace keeps the house comfortable without adding to your monthly bills.

Improved Performance

Lower operating costs make a big difference, but air quality throughout the house is important too. That musty smell that greets you when the furnace fires up for its first winter run is a sure sign that your home heating system needs attention. Temperature variations from room to room are another indication that the heater isn’t running in peak condition. A professional inspection heads off problems like vent blockage in the connections to the furnace and outside termination. A check on the blower motor’s amp draw and adjustments to the gas valve make a big difference in how efficiently your heating system warms the house.

Fewer Repairs

Freezing temperatures and a broken heater make for a miserable day at home, but the majority of unexpected repairs are easily prevented with regular maintenance. A professional checkup identifies worn parts before they fail and keep replacement costs to a minimum. Emergency service calls and repairs in the middle of winter put a dent in the household budget, so an affordable home furnace inspection is one of your smartest investments. From the motor and belts to capacitors and the thermostat, you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing all of your heater’s components are ready for cold weather.

Extended Life

Replacing an entire home heating system is a big expense, and it’s a problem you never face until the temperature drops and your heater fails. Most manufacturers design their equipment to last for 15 to 20 years under ideal conditions. Without scheduled maintenance, that life expectancy drops sharply. However, professional checkups can easily extend efficient performance for years past the manufacturer’s specifications. Your heater may be an older model, but it’s never too late to establish a routine that keeps it in top operating shape. If you have a new heating system, regular inspections add a valuable layer of extra security to its warranty.

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